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Shelton Business Machines began as a venture for Philip and Mark Shelton in 1985. Initially, Shelton's sold copiers and supplies for the same technology involved that brought about the advent of fax machines, desktop computers and printers. Anticipated sales and services of these office machines brought forth Shelton Business Machines Inc. During the early stages of office machines, copiers were physically larger, had fewer features and in many cases still used liquid ink on specially coated rolled paper. As time evolved in the office equipment world, we have witnessed the liquid to dry copier process with enhanced features, the development of the fax machine, computer monitors transformed from massive black and white devices to thin high resolution color, email and various other technologies. Through many long days, even some nights, a few nervous bankers and a lot of sweat, Shelton's has become the office equipment leader in Southeast Missouri, Northeast Arkansas and Western Tennessee.

In July 2013, co-founder Philip Shelton retired and Shelton Business Machines was acquired by Novatech, one of the leading copier, document solutions and 3D printing companies in the United States.  Of course, we are keeping our long-standing tradition of customer care and top technology solutions and have added even more enhanced services and solutions just for you, our customer. Shelton Business Machines is locally run by President Mark Shelton.

Shelton Business Machines
23409 County Rd 112 :: Malden, Mo 63863
573-276-4803 :: 800-339-4803 :: Fax: 573-276-3194

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